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A secret grief in my heart dinned resounded , Though reason set myself at peace. The more I examined her fair face. Her here heke al hyr vmbe-gon , Her hair eke also all her about gone. Why should you talk, so foolish you are? Now I have found what I have lost. Shall I again forego it ere ever I die? Stynst stynt?

For to ruin, or make foolish, grieve or to soothe, All lies in him to order and doom. But much the greater yet was my moan sorrow , From the time thou wast banished from every path. So is hys mote with-outen moote , So is his building without mote blemish. The gates shut were never yet, But ever more open at every lane. The pure worshipper receives great reward. Matthew records the discourse. Those invited begin to make excuses. When they came to the court they were well entertained. The servants tell their lord that they have done his behest, and there is still room for more guests.

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The lord of the feast goes among his guests. On the floor he finds one not arrayed for a holyday. See that thy weeds are clean. Affliction makes him none the better. For the fault of one, vengeance alighted upon all men. Adam was ordained to live in bliss. A maiden brought a remedy for mankind. No law was laid upon them. He declares that all flesh shall be destroyed, both man and beast. Noah was his name. God in great anger speaks to Noah. God asks Noah whether all is ready. The water enters the houses. Rwly wyth a loud rurd rored for drede. Animals of all kinds run to the hills.

Forty days have gone by, and all are destroyed. Oft it rolled around and reared on end. The age of the patriarch Noah. God remembers those in the ark. The ark settles on Mount Ararat. Noah again sends out the dove. The dove returns with an olive branch in her beak. Joy reigns in the ark. The people therein laugh and look thereout. God permits Noah and his sons to leave the ark.

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That summer and winter shall never cease. Each fowl takes its flight. Each fish goes to the flood. Each beast makes for the plain. Wild worms wriggle to their abodes in the earth. Harts to the heath, and hares to the gorse. Eagles and hawks to the high rocks. When God repented that he had made man, he destroyed all flesh.

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But for deeds of shame He destroys the mighty ones. Abraham is sitting before his house-door under a green oak. Abraham appears bare-headed before his guests.

God tells Abraham that Sarah laughs at His words. For the sake of fifty the cities shall be spared. The patriarch intercedes for Lot. Staring into the street he sees two men. Lot runs to meet them. Lot invites them so long that at last they comply. But before they go to rest the city is up in arms. Lot is in great trouble.

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He chooses Zoar. God aloft raises a storm. A rain falls thick of fire and sulphur. The great bars of the abyss do burst. The cities sink to hell. Her companions do not miss her till they reach Zoar. By this time all were drowned. She served salt before the Lord at supper. She looked behind her. Abraham is up full early on the morn. A sea now occupies the place of the four cities.

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Lands, watered by this sea, never bear grass or weed. All these are tokens of wickedness and vengeance. God loves the pure in heart.

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  4. Jean de Meun tells how a lady is to be loved. Conform to Christ, who is polished as a pearl. By how comely a contrivance did he enter the womb of the virgin! The child Christ was so clean that ox and ass worshipped him. Yet there came to him lazars and lepers, lame and blind.

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    He healed all with kind speech. Through penance we may shine as a pearl. Beware of returning to sin. Ill deeds rob Him of it.

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    God forbids us to defile any vessels used in His service.