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Delegates could wander freely to far-flung festival venues in Moscow including some, like Khimki on the northern outskirts of Moscow, that had been off-limits to foreigners before and were again for decades afterwards. It was a total shock to a population used to drab and sombre colours. The first encounters between Muscovites and foreigners were rapturous, despite thirty thousand Komsomol activists lining the streets to keep order.

There was a hangover afterwards, with the KGB compensating for having been sidelined during the festival by setting up surveillance on locals who had established questionably close ties with the foreigners. That was still going strong when I arrived as a student a decade later, by which time purple trucks had long disappeared from the streets and the festival remained only a dreamlike memory.

But the impulse to connect with Western culture and be part of world civilisation survived, sometimes restricted by the government but often encouraged. Yves Montand gave wildly successful concerts in Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev. The Pushkin Museum began to get its Impressionist paintings out of storage, and big exhibitions from both Soviet and French collections followed.

Commotion in Moscow

The mids also brought something harder to digest than the Impressionists: Picasso, whose work his own selection was exhibited in Moscow and Leningrad in and provoked passionate controversy. Some embraced his work as representing a quintessential break with the Stalinist past; others saw it as ugly and perverse.

Heated debates took place in student dormitories, editorial offices, even city squares, and the queues to get into the exhibition were huge. It was an act of imaginative re-creation involving subjective input on the part of the translator. It was their task to make the film comprehensible — emotionally as well as literally — to Soviet viewers, and sometimes heroic measures were called for.

O que é Proxy?

Soviet dubbing directors aimed to make their versions better than the originals — psychologically deeper and emotionally more transparent. While the number of Soviet tourists going to the West remained comparatively small, it was growing, and many Soviet writers were among the tourists. They wrote of the great cities of Europe as intimately familiar, through their representation in literature and painting, but at the same time miraculously unknown.

The Soviet love affair with the West was bound to end in disappointment.

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Once Russians were free to travel, even to emigrate and live in Paris for good if they could afford it, Paris was no longer a dream. That is one of the paradoxes of the situation she describes. Beattie and B. Friesen, February , has been digitized. Some of the photographs have been scanned. Facebook Twitter Instagram.

1. First UDRP Element

Back to Finding Aids. Alberta Wheat Pool grain elevator, Spring Coulee, [ca. Table of Contents indicates the presence of scanned documents or photographs. Series 1 Incorporation and bylaws. German's files. Back to Top. Series 1. Annual Reports. Policy manuals. Promotional publications. Alberta Pool Elevators property ledger and registers. Photographs and slides. Annual reports. Notice of meetings and joint information circular relating to the continuences and amalgamation of Manitoba Pool Elevators and Alberta Wheat Pool to form Agricore Cooperative Ltd. Alberta Pool Elevators minutes.

Includes resolutions and voluntary liquidation papers. Includes "Inventory of Documents", which lists the agreements found in M, and M Index to AWP minutes. Index to AWP minutesl -- Summary of AWP minutes. Minutes of annual meetings of delegates.

Reports to delegates. These were originally called "programmes". Also includes "Blue Books". Lists of members. Includes canvassers' forms from the membership drive. AWP reference book. Agreement [1]. Nester, Cessford, regarding the estate of Mary Shaw Holcomb. Agreement 2. Agreement [3]. Agreement [4]. Agreement [5]. Agreement 6. Agreement 7. Agreement [8].

Agreement [9]. Agreement Purdy and T. Oliver of the Alberta Wheat Pool. Agreement [12]. Kok and Captain R.

proxy alberta portraits 8 proxy gallery alberta Manual

Batchelor, regarding damage to deck. Agreement [14]. Agreement [20].

Plan for Banksy art gallery in Port Talbot may be under threat

Agreement [29]. The agreement is missing, and the file contains a note saying "Agr. Agreement [30]. The agreement is missing, and there is only a note about the agreement. Agreement [49]. Agreement [50]. Agreement [59]. Agreement [74]. Agreement [75]. Agreement [79].

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  2. The Current Sarcee Fish and Game Association Bylaws;
  3. ‘London’s galleries would drool’: ancient festival boosts ailing Welsh arts scene!
  4. Agreement [86]. Agreement []. Sheafmount, regarding damage to dock, Vancouver. Agreement a. Howe Company, regarding addition to Terminal No. Includes architectural plans. Howe Company, regarding the stabilization of Annex No. Powell Canada , and J.

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    Gordon Ross Syndicate, regarding handling of rapeseed [canola]. Off-site storage agreements. Arranged alphabetically by name of town. Special Elevator Construction Loan. Ruby Settlement. Canadian Wheat Board. Henry Wise Wood memorial cairn. See also oversize. Alberta legislation. Compulsory marketing legislation. Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Deutsch and "Agriculture and the Canadian Economy" by H.