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For Writers from All Walks of Life! There's no need to fear the big, bad Brimming with clever advice, this book offers writers, students, and business professionals a concise The residents had been The residents had been under the thumb of a brutal banker for a very long time. He used the legal system to steal from them. To cheat them. Irka says he listened admiringly when I sang couplets. I thought the opposite, but oh well! When we headed to class, he took my hand!

Or it did, but it felt totally different from my other hand. Some very nice shivers went up and down it.

We put on the variety show. I got a great response from the audience. Backstage, Zygus took my cape off and untangled my hair. When I was about to leave, he ran up to me and asked if I would go to a party with him tomorrow. It was so exciting; I told Nora everything. I feel sorry for her. Today is the last day of Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year, which will bring new regrets, new laughter perhaps , new worries, new struggles.

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My dearest wish is to get my poor beloved mamma back. I want this new year to be cheerful and happy. So how was the party? Everything was sweet. What was the best moment? Was it when he spoke to me while we were dancing? Or when he draped his arm around me as I stumbled during a waltz? And when he touched me So sweet, so good!

We sat and talked together. What an evening.

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My wonderful, my golden boy, my lover. I have to finish a paper to turn in tomorrow, but I just want to see Zygus.

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Today a ball hit my wonderful, dear Zygus on the jaw; it was so bad he crouched down in pain. My poor darling! Let me be! He was upbeat the whole time, mumbling something in Yiddish. I dreamed about Mamma all night long. Zygus and I were rescuing her, looking for her in Warsaw. Today I remembered all those painful, burning things. Help me, God Almighty. Help me, my one and only true friend, my wonderful, distant and close Mamma When I shared my halvah with him, he took a piece without asking—it was so intimate.

But do you know what I like thinking of the most? A sweet moment when my Zygus bought me a bagel and put a piece of it into my mouth. Apart from the sweetness, there was something so masculine about it, so husband-like. Today after class, he pushed me gently against a wall and brought his lips close to mine. He asked why I was so evil. I am evil? And he asked about my plans for tomorrow. I feel strange. I might go to his place. Will it all work out, at least a little bit? I pray to God and Bulus. I ask you earnestly to take care of me.

Zygus picked me up at 6 p. It felt as though there was something hanging between us, something elusive, something unspoken. I kept thinking about an unfinished symphony. Will the symphony ever be finished? I can feel something powerful swelling up inside of me.

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All my senses are churning:. Those red lips will by my lips get ravaged. Today we went for a long walk. It was so good—we just talked, talked, talked. But what do I know?

April The death rate of Jewish prisoners in the Warsaw ghetto exceeds 2, per month for the first time.